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Anne Browning, CADC, MCCP



Northeastern, C.O.D., Institute for Integrative Coaching by Debbie Ford


Certified Licensed Counselor, Master Certified Coach, Certified Divorce Coach,Certified Trainer. Over 500 training hours in the area of coaching. Over 700 hours training hours in the area of counseling.

100 hours training as trainer. 

Career Experience

Developed & Implement Tiers of Healing a 4 part healing program for significant loss either before, during or after loss. Takes the individual from the pain of today to a new normal. 

Produced C.D.s for healing and passionate living.,

Continuing Care Developed & Implemented-Sherman Hospital. Relapse Prevention Developed & Implemented-Kane County Probation Dept. Private Practice-Elgin, Il.

Trained Life Coaches, Trained Master Level Coaches, Trained Trainers, Wellness Director- Institute for Integrative Coaching. Certified Coaches for Institute for Integrative Coaching.

1:1 Coaching in the area of loss and relationships 10 years (over 2500 hours of 1:1 coaching experience).  

Have coached, counseled, trained and spoken to groups or individuals for over 20 years to transform thier lives.  I am here for you

Life Experience

I have been where you are. Loss can be devastating. Divorce, Death, Family, Finances and more. I have been where you are and not only have I survived, I have thrived. I am here for you. 

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Tiers of Healing Self Study Guides are based on a program Linda Debelser Owen and I created. The four-part program is designed for small groups. Tiers of Healing for groups was and continues to be, a mission of love for both Linda and myself. I owe a deep thanks to Linda for her vision, her dedication, and most importantly, her friendship.

There were months and months of talks, writing, rewriting, editing, and more editing and rewriting. Not once did I hear Linda complain about the work involved. She kept her eye on her vision of reaching hurting people and helping them heal.

Linda lives in Canada and runs the Canadian Tiers program. She has delivered the group material to churches, women fighting breast cancer, indigenous people who are still recovering from land loss and she is the woman I turn to when I need a laugh, a push or a strong shoulder. She is my hero.

I acknowledge her expertise, her commitment, her integrity, and her love. I want to acknowledge all the men, women and children who have had a loss and continue to live their lives fully and who have the compassion to reach out to others who are in pain. I acknowledge those to whom this book is dedicated.